Verbal Essays

This series of verbal essays is broken down into three trilogies and an introduction.  The introduction is there to give one an overview of the content that will be brought forward in the three trilogies, with a great emphasis in QWERTYUIOPs, a primer on how simple terms we hear that are intended to improve us actually slow us down and become degrading.

The three trilogies (as explained below), give us a way to RePrepare for Life, to Excellerate our Life, and a way to enter into business with Creative Selling.  The first two trilogies are focused to all audiences, while the third trilogy is geared for anyone entering into business.

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QWERTYUIOPs is an introductory course for the Verbal Essay series. It contains a number of elements you will see in the series, but highlights the things that people say that are meant to be constructive, but are often times destructive. The meaning behind the term QWERTYUIOPs is examined in this video and can launch you into the Verbal Essay series.

A Life Formula


People who start out in business, in a relationship or in life in general, have not been properly prepared for the challenges that will come their way. As a first step in the Command Academy, we believe that a repreparation process is necessary to open one’s eyes and see life through a new lens. The three essays portrayed here will take you through a study of life itself, understand the process of forgiveness and understand the bottlenecks of bereavement that keep a person from moving forward. These concepts are great from a personal perspective, but they also work with teams or groups of people as well.



Excelleration is a combination of two words: Excellence and Acceleration. It is important to note that we all want to achieve excellence, and with the techniques explained in these three Verbal Essays, you can accelerate the process. Some of the important things covered here are the misconceptions of goals, the importance of a purpose, the understanding of the subconscious, the problems with the word self and ways to build stature.


Creative Selling

Creative Selling is geared towards anyone who finds themselves needing to be in a selling process. Not a Sales Person, but anyone needing tools to sell. That would be in business, with colleagues, with your family or with anyone you are building a relationship with. The important thing to note that once a person enters into business they enter into sales. Whether they are a doctor, a hair stylist, a gardener or any business. Without proper techniques you have a chance of failing in your venture. This series is geared to assist you.