The Third Tablet

(editor’s note:  This is part of the verbal essay series, where as the story goes, Moses descends from the mountain with three tablets and broke one.  What would have been on the third tablet.  Thus the next five Command Mints).

11th Commandmint –Thou shalt regularly acknowledge and celebrate your capacities….

12th Commandmint –Thou shalt accept the authorities that have been bestowed upon you ….

13th Commandmint –Thou shalt assume the responsibilities of all authorities … for ourselves and to other people to other things like Nature ….

14th Commandmint –Thou shalt devote portions if each day exhibiting gratitude for the courtesies and kindnesses that occur and to forgive yourself and others for the inappropriate and insensitive or rude actions ….

15th Commandmint –Thou shalt wonder about, wander through and ponder over anything and everything that will expand our consciousness and to be purposely practicing a personal skill that will enhance and enrich those around us ….

The Third Tablet

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