The Ten Command MINTS


The world that we have made, as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far, creates problems we cannot solve at the same level at which we created them.
Albert Einstein

There are those who when exposed to ideas, concepts or opportunities are able to act upon them and achieve fine results.

However, too many, in fact a vast majority, even though inspired, motivated and facilitated, are unprepared, for a variety of reasons, to function efficiently and effectively. Therefore, they become frustrated by the fruitlessness and failure. Some are written off, while others, shame themselves or their dreams.

It is to this majority, and to the leaders who want to assist them, that these ideas are directed, with the certainty that when they are acted upon many more will be enhanced and enriched.


For Succeeding With Life, Living, Loving & Making A Living

I      Acknowledge and celebrate your capacities.

II     Accept and develop your authority and esteem.

III    Assume responsibility, for yourself and to others.

IV    Crystallize an image of your future and visualize it every day.

V     Decide to C.O.P.E. … Capitalize on other peoples experience, excitement, energy, expertise, etc.

VI    Become synergistic; communicate and associate.

VII  Focus on the functions rather than the intentions and results.

VIII Recapture and develop your initiative.

IX   Find your pleasure, pride, power, progress and peace of mind in the practice process.

X     Honor and utilize the law of accumulation.

Commentary on the COMMANDMINTS

  1. Acknowledge and celebrate your capacities. Remind yourself regularly and take pleasure in the truth, the fact, that you have all the capacities necessary to do anything anyone has ever done in the field of your choice. Abilities are practiced capacities and skills are honed abilities. You don’t need a special talent, or to be gifted, in order to succeed in this exciting environment.
  2. Accept your authority… Up ‘til now, you probably have been subjected to a number of authority figures and were expected to accommodate and conform to their direction, both of which diminishes authority and esteem and robs us of our initiative. Now is the time to recapture and develop these qualities. To do this may require some re-preparation, which usually involves forgiveness, grieving and perspective altering practices like affirmations, conformations and proclamations. Unfortunately, these issues are seldom addressed in most training programs.
  3. Assume responsibility… Regardless of where you are at the moment, assume the responsibility and take the credit for any and all progress, or lack of it, from this time on. It’s imperative that you understand that you cannot be responsible for anyone or anything outside yourself. You must however, assume responsibility to others, and to conditions. This is an important distinction, and will make a huge difference in whatever you chose to do. It is the mark of a leader.
  4. Crystallize an image of your future… Spend a lot of time determining what you want out of the time and energy you’re willing to devote to your life and career. Develop a pursuit panel, using illustrations from magazines and catalogs. Make detailed lists and write in depth about what you want to have and do, and why. Include characteristics like patience, tenacity, courage, punctuality, compassion, etc. that will be required to achieve the heights you wish to reach. Define the abilities that will have to be developed, such as speaking, listening, coaching, self-management, and so on. Then spend specific, conscious time, every single day, imagining them accomplished within a definite but reasonable time. Include what it took to get there, as part of this mental process. Apply all your senses to this exercise and your subconscious mind will begin to embrace your ideas and reduce its resistances. Oddly enough, this is probably the most ignored technique in people’s pursuit of excellence and success, yet is without doubt one of the most important things we can do. Those who are successful may not be conscious of this, as you might have to be, but they’re doing it, nevertheless.
  5. Decide to C.O.P.E… Too many people are reluctant to ask for, or depend upon someone for assistance. This is not only generational marketing, it is synergistic leadership with overlapping benefits. Allow others to apply their experience, energy, excellence, etc. in your favor. Then, proceed to do the same for others. This can be a new and challenging experience since we’ve always understood that we get ahead through competition and politics. In truth, success is achieved here through cooperation and contribution. This concept is unique to The Command Academy, and it is what makes this the noblest system ever devised by the human mind to distribute education, coaching and counsel.
  6. Communicate and Associate… Learn to do meetings and special events by never missing them. Connect daily with someone in your circumfluous synergy circles. Listen to, and tell stories, ask and ponder over the questions, support and applaud others’ efforts and results and convey your own. Sell your new enrollees to your leaders, and your leaders on your team. Again, assume the responsibility to make this happen. Like-mindedness and purpose-filled behavior is magical.
  7. Focus on the functions… If you don’t know where to go to get a result, you may never go. So, instead of thinking so much about results, concentrate on the tasks that lead to them. Contrary to popular belief, keeping your eye on the goal may get you nowhere.
  8. Recapture and develop your initiative… Desire, ambition and drive are commonly touted as keys to success. However, without initiative, they don’t mean much in a causative environment like The Command Group. Most of us have been accommodating other people and circumstances so long, that we’ve lost this ability to flow to and do what is necessary toward the fulfillment of our personally assigned tasks. You may have to inquire about, or create an initiative journal to use as a tool for getting this done.
  9. …the practice process… Doctors, lawyers and other professionals don’t succeed or fail, they practice or they don’t practice. We have the right to see it the same way. Besides, there is a permission, a premise and a promise in the practice process that we all need to understand and embrace. The permission is that, it is O.K. to be clumsy, inept, inadequate or even inappropriate in our efforts. Set aside the idea that, if something is  and test your abilities. And the promise is that you are always going to get better, and better and better. You don’t really have to be perfect to be great at this, but you do have to practice.
  10. …the law of accumulation… Proceed with the calm cheerful assurance that, as you do the appropriate things, appropriate things will occur. Look and listen to your leaders for effective activities. Then do them consciously, pre-determinedly and purposely. Maintain an accounting of your efforts and accumulate the statistics. You’ll be surprised and amazed at the results, and your personal criteria for success will be established. Show me the networkers who, at the end of a year, know how many contacts they attempted, the number of people they talked to, the number of invitations they extended, the meetings they attended, etc., etc., and I will introduce you to those who are happily proceeding toward their dreams or already delighting in them.

Without these disciplines, people tend to make living and making a living harder than it is, in order to justify not getting it done. A lot to do and think about? Yes, and you’re worth it, and the rewards can be astounding. Besides, what’s the alternative?

The Ten Command MINTS

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