The Most Important Parts of the Harvest

The Most Important Parts Of The Harvest,
The parts that insure the future, are the seeds.

A Midwestern farmer whose corn was the annual winner at the county and state fairs, shared his best seed with his neighbors… When asked why he would do that, he explained that it was the only way he could be sure to protect his own crops … his own future, lest the others’ seeds influence his.

I remembered, 71 years ago, having gathered the crops, the corn and the beans from our family garden on our White Mountain, New Hampshire farm. We were preparing them for canning… many of you have already heard the story. We were sitting by our seat swing, a seat swing that I leaned against just a couple of weeks ago, still standing there despite the ravages of time, an incredibly nostalgic moment because the fruit of that labor was magnified many times through an observation of a law of nature… That seed grew into Stratasizing… and has been planted in the minds of thousands since then. Some of the seeds landed on hardened surfaces and died in days, yet others were fertilized by eagerness and willingness. Hence, they contributed to immense growth and bountiful harvests.

I reflected on the storms that stirred and enriched the soil; the challenges that stimulated and enhanced my mind.

The years I toiled fruitlessly, the traumatic moments that revealed bereavement, the losses of loved ones … each serving to strengthen and prepare me for the next “season.”

Life’s harvests had not provided for the philanthropies that were dreamed of, until seeds planted two decades ago finally came to fruition in the minds and hearts of Tom and Sue Myers, the developers of this magnificent site source of tools and tactics that will move your intentions toward fulfillment.

The crops have been too spare occasionally for many of the charities we would have supported.

But there has always been the seeds… The ideas, the praxiologies, the concepts, the words and the tools that this toil and trouble has produced.

And there is and will always be eager fertile minds and healthy receptive hearts in which to plant them…

* * *

Our minds are often too full of opinions and ‘facts’ about the way things were, or are, to accurately evaluate the way they could be. Most people don’t realize that their subconscious mind’s job is to prove that what it already knows is enough, and there’s no need to learn or do anything new.

* * *

The Most Important Parts of the Harvest

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