The Command Academy has a purpose to wonder, examine, experience and enjoy our existence, in order to better understand how we might enrich and enliven those around us, thereby warranting our being and having been. Our overall view of the world is very important to us, and this is why we have established our own set of terms and conditions that we ask our members to follow to maintain the experience on our site.

We have a function of this site that will contribute to your life and ask for contributions to be made by members of this site to build upon and enhance our message. Any contribution to the site that goes against the principles of the Command Academy will have the right to remove or not approve such posting from the site. This will include but is not limited to pornography, attacks on other members of the site, profanity, or other offensive messages and postings.

We encourage messages that are added that will contribute to our overall understanding of the basic trichotomy of life and can expand out knowledge and understanding, when done in an appropriate manner.

Over time our message from the administrative staff and our members will improve our site and our understanding in human conduct. This is a great thing for all of us and we at the Command Academy encourage that. We value our members and want this experience to create a new growth and understanding daily.

If for some reason you have concerns for the conduct of other members on the site or find contributions to the site to be offensive, please feel free to contact us through the customer support link under about us. We will review each comment and make the appropriate response.

Your contribution, renew interest and potential growth with this site is of interest to us and we strive to make your life more meaningful everyday.

— The Command Academy