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We have special professional services set up to assist companies in working through specific issues and concerns, or to just provide a means for a company to accelerate its performance.  Our specialties include, but are not limited to:

  • Sale Training
  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management
  • Process Management
  • Employee Orientation
  • Job Loss Assistance
  • Career Development
  • Team Building
  • Presentations


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Our material is designed in a way that your clients can either purchase the course on line, take an interactive course from one of our qualified instructors, or purchase one of our books to assist them and assist your business or professional service:

The RePreparation Series:  We have found that most people have spent their life preparing for a job, to work under someone’s direction, and work subconsciously from day to day.  This series re-prepares your business associates in taking command of their business life and become successful as both and individual or a team member.

A Life Formula:  Provide your team with a new insight of making conscious decisions in all of their business dealings and a new lexicon to use in working through every situation.

The Command Commission:  Imagine the success your team can have when they capture their own authority and take command of their objectives.  This course focuses on this a breaking down the barriers that keep people from being successful.

Breaking The Bottlenecks of Bereavement: We have found that business associates have difficult times understanding and managing the lacks and losses that they go through both personally and professionally.  This course assists your team in overcoming these obstacles and achieving success.

The ExCeleration Series:  Most people survive from day to day at a job and exist from pay check to pay check.  The tools and techniques of success elude them and thus keeps your business from being as successful as it could be.  This series provides the tools for everyone to achieve excellence in their business or job, and assist people in accelerating their careers.

Stratisizing:  There are laws of nature that elevates objects above all others.  Use these laws in elevating your business, your team, your career and recapture your authority to achieve success.

Puzzling:  The complexities of  business is like a puzzle.  By viewing your business like a puzzle and following simple principles of setting your goals and objectives, you can solve these business “puzzles” with ease.

Matters of Confidence:  The basic parameters of confidence are not in gaining self confidence, but in gaining confidence in every aspect of your business and career.  This gives you a way of success that is truly measurable and achievable.

The Creative Selling Series:  Every entrepreneur, every dentist, every doctor, every small business owner, every project manager, every team and business leader, whether you like it or not you have entered into the world of selling.  The sales profession is totally misunderstood, and although most people are not good at sales, everyone we work with we have found is good at selling.  Learn how to capture the proper tools of selling, finalizing and being successful that is within everyone’s reach.

Psychology of Being in Selling:  Understand the aspect of your own being that makes you great at selling and how to capture that success in everything you do.  Learn new ways of presenting yourself to others to sell an idea, a service or a product.

Persuasive Finalizing:  Most sale training is focused on closing a sale or a deal.  Most of these techniques fail in building a relationship and trust with the parties.  Persuasive Finalizing provides tools that finalize a sale and provide techniques that build long term relationships.  These techniques work for people in all professions and walks of life.

Criteria for Success:  Success is achievable by everyone and we all have the capacity for success in everything we do.  Learn 6 basis criteria that when applied daily will become the building blocks that you can construct a successful business and career around.  You will finally understand the areas in your life that have held you back and how to overcome them.


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