Something To Ponder Over and Wonder About

“There is only one evil – ignorance.”

Ignorance is the unfortunate state of not knowing, of being unexposed to a truth or fact. It can even be celebrated when it is recognized by the ignorant. “Boy! Am I ignorant!”, is a statement that could open the door and light the pathway to wisdom.

I would submit that a much greater, sinister evil is incuriosity. A mind certain that it already knows and indolently or determinedly avoids new information is a fearful thing. An intellectual capacity that lacks wonder… What could be worse?

It is often appalling when encouraging someone to view or read something that will enrich and inspire them, and they never get around to it. “Oh! I forgot.” or, “I just didn’t have time.” I’ll hear and know that they have been in a state of accommodation and indifference instead of initiation and curiosity.

We must always be open to exploring another’s thoughts and ideas. It’s too easy to get so caught up in living and making a living that we neglect to seek out, or even accept, easier, better and more productive ways to apply our minds and hearts.

Clear Thinking Institute is perhaps the most unique, positively destined companies in networking history, offering what is perhaps the best chance many of us will ever have to truly understand and acquire the tools to
enjoy the fruits of financial serenity and personal freedom.

Of course, you have to be curious, eager to learn and to know; and most importantly what to unlearn and how to rearm ourselves.

-Bern Moses, S.D.,Prx

Something To Ponder Over and Wonder About

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