QWERTYUIOPs Chapter 1 – The Psychic Shift

A description of Bern’s life entering into a business environment and the psychic shift he made about human nature that improved his relationships with his clients, assisted him in closing his sales and how he was able to improve his business posture.

QWERTYUIOPs Chapter 2 – The Effect Semantics Play

As the psychic shift was made, how does this translate to the ones around you, your family, your co-workers, your colleagues? We find that a Parado Effect comes into play in all areas of our life. As we explore that effect closer, we find that a lot of this has to do with semantics or the vocabulary we use, and what the impact that words have on our psyche.

QWERTYUIOPs Chapter 3 – The Issue With Self

In working with your family, with your business or with your colleagues, we find that the interaction with others is very important in our life. However, we look at self semantics tend to not allow us to grow and develop properly. We need to work within ourselves to develop a sense of purpose that goes beyond our “selves:.

QWERTYUIOPs Chapter 4 – The Trichotomous Mind

The mind is made up of a conscious mind, a subconscious mind and a conscience. These three areas of the mind compete with decision making and meaning in our life. By understanding how the mind works and how it interacts in our body we can take command of our decision making process and our life. We also convey the beginning of a list of Qwertyuiops that affect our subconscious and our life.

QWERTYUIOPs Chapter 5 – Overcoming Qwertyuiops

There are things stated in life that tend to slow us down. We call these QWERTYUIOPs (see an origin of the word below). People find that they defeat themselves by these common errors in semantics that affect us throughout our lives, and things we may say to others that could affect their lives. How does one overcome these Qwertyuiops and lead a better life?

Bern Moses

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