About The Command Academy

Why are these events called concerts or verbal essays?

Bern is somewhat of a purist when it comes to our language and is often referred to as a wordsmith. His performances would usually, mistakenly be called seminars. Seminar is defined in the dictionary as a small group of advanced students engaged in original research under the guidance of a professor.

The first and therefore the preferred definition of essay, on the other hand, is said to be an attempt; to subject to a test; try out; endeavor. A testing or trial of the value or nature of a thing. The secondary meaning refers to the subsequent report, usually presenting the personal views of the author. We usually think of the report as being written. However a verbal discourse, as in Bern’s case, more than satisfies the definition.

The manner of his entertaining delivery, you’ll come to agree, takes it out of the realm of being a mere lecture. Many have said that there is a poetry or “musicalness” in Moses’s messages that somehow makes them more listenable and memorable.

Is this a religious thing?

No! Bern has confined his material to address the socio-economic challenges that all of us face from time to time, while never seeming to step on, refute or conflict with anyone’s personal beliefs. On the other hand, clergy and lay people from practically every persuasion have recognized and applauded his inclusion of certain fundamental truths that must be addressed in any worthwhile teaching on the human condition. We think you’ll be pleased with the way he complements your convictions.

He has never sought to create a fellowship, but rather it is his intention that you acquire the knowledge and adopt the intellectual, emotional and even physical tools that he provides for you to build a more productive and peace filled future.

About DayMakers

Why would I bother? What are these daily calls about? What’s in it for me?

It’s probable that, like most of us, you’ve heard and know about a lot of things that you just don’t practice every day. Or, you may have been taught things that make you uncomfortable. Having a place to go, every single day, where you can devote a few moments to expand your awareness and actually practice some of the established techniques that move us toward our dreams can be very beneficial. It’s the drip, drip, dripping of fresh, meaningful ideas and tools that can be used to make every day a better day than it otherwise might have been. Hence the name, DayMakers. As for the content, we urge you to read about the selection of verbal essays Bern has been doing for thirty years throughout the hemisphere, and know that he will be holding nothing back. In fact we’re able to cover all these issues with more depth than ever before.

Do I have to call in every morning?

No. But there is never a need to miss anything since as a member you will be provided with a playback number, allowing you to acquire the information anytime throughout the 24 hours until the next call. Beyond that each member has a code that allows for the sessions to be downloaded onto their computer so they can have their own archive. Some members burn their own CD’s and eavesdrop throughout the day in their mobile universities. Remember though… Nothing is quite as good as live.

Can my wife and kids listen in?

Would you really want them to hear this stuff? Yes! Of course, we consider it a household membership and would be disappointed to hear that you weren’t at least encouraging them to eavesdrop. Space limits us from conveying some of the marvelous stories and results we’ve been privy to, as members embraced the rest their gang

I’ve always believed that you get what you pay for. The price of this program is so ludicrously low it doesn’t make sense. How can you do that, and why would you?

First of all, Bern is a senior, senior citizen, his children are all financially independent in their own right and therefore are not waiting to inherit. Secondly, a justified fee would give pause to many people striving to survive in their new and challenging venture, sales or networking. Whether or not to afford it would be a valid consideration if we charged a traditional $100 or more per hour.

And granted, it may be hard to accept these days, but this guy really cares that you and I do well, and that the profession is honored and the public respected. You’ve probably already figured out that this not a get rch quick scheme. So join us and recommend others without reservation

About the material

Where did this stuff come from? I thought I’d heard it all, yet this material really is different, unique, very powerful and usable.

As far back as 1957, Bern began to take an obtuse position about what was being said and done in the sales world, primarily because of the futility, fruitlessness, frustration and failure he was seeing all around him. Otherwise seemingly bright and capable people were choosing not to continue and returning to the very jobs they were trying to escape in the first place. Then of course there were the prevailing statistics, 90% of the business coming out of 10% of the participants, and in many cases the figures run 97% to 3%. Something was amiss. What hadn’t they understood? How were they being misled? What was being left out? And so the “Liferatory” research began. Evidently, it was quite a process… He purposefully decided to sell tangibles and then intangibles, small ticket items and big ones, door-to-door, store-to-store, office-to-office, on the phone, in the boardrooms, in private homes. And all the while, recruiting, training, coaching, etc. in creative direct selling, network marketing, along with the more traditional forms like real estate and insurance. In other words, not a job-jumper as it might appear, but a student of the industry. Always adjusting his perspectives, language and philosophies toward a more adoptable system for you and me.

In other words, he didn’t prepare to do what he’s doing by just reading books, listening to tapes and attending seminars. He is not parroting what has become, “The same old stuff we’ve heard before.” He is not just a cheerleader.

About Bern Moses

Is that his real name?

Yes! His tattered and obviously aged birth certificate, which he often will present to an avowed cynic, reveals that he was born, Bernard Sidney Moses, on October 21, 1929 in Whitinsville, Massachusetts. He pleads with people to go along with the abbreviated first name, forget the middle one and always remember the birthday.

Toggle titleDo I detect an occasional stutter, a certain hesitancy in getting some of his words out?

Yes! He stuttered severely as a boy and young man and the impediment had a major impact on his life. It certainly was a handicap during his first few years in selling. However, by practicing a variety of techniques he has managed to move pretty well past the challenge and it doesn’t seem to impair his ability as a speaker. For example, musicians have often noted beats to a measure; a certain musicality in his delivery, which he says, may have come from an awareness that stutterers don’t stammer when they sing or when they are making love. You’ll sense the latter in most everything he does and says. You may understand why the Greek orator, Desmosthenes is one of his role models.

What are his credentials?

A half century of successful experience, but more importantly a careful examination of all the processes involved in selling, recruiting, sponsoring, training, coaching, managing, leading, counseling, coaxing and even cajoling, in order to assist others toward a successful experience in this profession he came to love almost from the very beginning. Although he is not an academic, he has been identified by that community as a Praxiologist (i.e., A deliberate student of human behavior on the street level; not a theorist but a practiced participant in the field; a developer of practical, down to earth, copyable concepts and techniques that insure the highest possible degree of success.). You’ll come to know that he’s been there, done that, and genuinely cares, and is committed to, your journey being easier, better and more productive than it otherwise might be. Thousands have credited him with their breakthroughs and accelerations. Numbers of people with advanced degrees have been students, advocates and independently contracted representatives of his material.

About the Synergy Circle

What is the Synergy Circle?

At present, it is a select group of no more than six people who serve as Publicists for our live events, Marketers of our products and/or as The Membership Committee for The DAYMAKERS. It has an expansive quality to it, in that participants in The Circle may in time develop their own Command Group teams.

Are you recruiting?

Yes. Yet, we purposely avoid making overtures to DayMakers or attendees of our events since they are already engaged and we will go to any length not to be perceived as proselytizing, since it is an onerous practice at best. A few have come from situations where they were not pleasurably, productively or profitably engaged in what they were doing, but generally we’re most pleased when they flourish in their current environment.

I, along with several friends and fellow Academy Students have been wondering what the S.D, and Prx means, Bern. So please, clarify

Years ago, in 1957 in fact, as a personal support for an affirmation program I was committed to, I chose to adopt S.D. as an identifier for what I was up to… Selves Determined, Selves Defied, Selves Directed, Selves Disciplined, etc. Selves rather than Self because of the trichotomy that exists within our mind that must be acknowledged and somehow harmonized if we are to truly relinquish control and be able to assume command of the direction our life is heading. So, every time I signed my name, and since I was writing a host of agreements, I slapped an S.D. on it. It didn’t hurt anything and it seemed to help maintain the focus. Funny thing is, I think you may be the first person who ever asked about it and that is soooo cool. We always have to celebrate curiosity when it rears its lovely head. Actually, my sense has been that most people feel they should already know, or why embarrass themselves for not knowing. or what does it really matter.

Academia has placed a great deal of value on their degrees, and we pay with our often borrowed money, focus and unearned income as we invest our time and attention to becoming an AB, BA, BS, MA, MBA, MS, DO, CPA, PHD, LLD. etc, etc. in order to find a job that assures a few thousand dollars more over a career. Yet, we know that thousands of these degreed folks never get a chance to work in their chosen fields. Yet the colleges manage to keep their campuses crowded while many keep looking for a place to settle and learn how to get a job that pays just enough to keep you there fulfilling someone else’s dream.

Forgive this thought if it twitches the mind just a bit too much at the moment… Our contention is that a year or two of intent involvement with Clear Thinking Institute… The viewing, reviewing and savoring of our Verbal Essays, becoming an integral part of DayMakers, reading downloaded and printed Mini-Essays at least three times and most importantly by participating with your questions, comments, compliments, critiques and criticisms, You’ll have a handle on THE REST OF THE ALPHABET! A chance to choose your own path, the freedom to pick your own directions, and the tools and disciplines to honor your own INNER BOSS.

The Prx stands for Praxiology… Not just philosophy or psychology, both of which are laden with theory, but rather a deliberate, nonacademic, in depth study of human behavior at the street level, particularly among those who are severely challenged. Why bother?

We have a six thousand year record as a cognitive community, and we’re not very good at it… Too many wars, too many divorces, too much prejudice, too many irrational posturings, and on and on. Perido’s Formula prevails, in that 80% of anything worthwhile is coming from only 20% of the people. There has to be another way of thinking and perceiving… A dichotomy of thought, more care with our languaging and a consciousness of our semantics and the psychic impact from everything we say and think.

A Southern Methodist (SMU in Dallas) Philosophy Professor, one day after a Verbal Essay I did for a joint session of Philosophy Students and Methodist Seminarians identified me as perhaps the only living nonacademic Praxiologist in the world. I thought for a fleeting moment he said Proctologist… When I asked what that meant he followed the best line possible, he told me to look it up! It is in the dictionary.