Family Development

Addiction Management

ReEntry Into Society

The Challenge . . .

Families are formed when two people of different background and experiences come together to live a life together.  The family grows as one brings on their parents, siblings and other members and then grow as children become a part of your life.  Keeping the family in a loving place is an emotional state that brings us both pleasure and pain.  Clear Thinking Institute provides tools and techniques the family can use to build understandings so that relationships can be a pleasure.

Our Material . . .

Our material is designed in a way that families can either purchase the course on line, take an interactive course from one of our qualified instructors, or purchase one of our books to assist one in working with their family.

Your Success . . .

Your success is based on assisting your family is taking on the challenges that life hands to us.  Our tools and techniques have been developed and tested over the last 50 years and we have assisted tens of thousand of people overcome the roadblocks that have limited them into a multitude of success stories.  You will be astonished with your new found success with your family

Family Verbal Essays  . . .

Our courses are designed in a way that the entire family can attend sessions together, buy the courses on line and share with the family or have family members do both.  We will work with you on specific issues or with your family on matters that can build strength and understanding.

The RePreparation Series:  We have found that most people have been prepared to only take on life through  their limited expectations they learned as a child or societal pressures. This series re-prepares people to have a CLEAR vision of every moment of their life in order to have a better one.

A Life Formula:  Provide your family with a new insight of making conscious decisions in all of their personal and business dealings and a new lexicon to use in working through every situation.

The Command Commission:  Imagine the success your family can have when they capture their own authority and take command of their objectives.  This course focuses on this a breaking down the barriers that keep people from being successful.

Breaking The Bottlenecks of Bereavement: We have found that people have a difficult time understanding and managing the lacks and losses that they go through both personally and professionally.  This course assists your team in overcoming these obstacles and achieving success.

The ExCeleration Series:  Most people survive from day to day at a job and exist from pay check to pay check.  The tools and techniques of success elude them and thus keeps your family from being as successful as he or she could be.  This series provides the tools for everyone to achieve excellence in their personal and business ventures, and assist people in accelerating aspect of their life.

Stratisizing:  There are laws of nature that elevates objects above all others.  Use these laws in elevating your families professional life, personal life, and recapture their authority to achieve success.

Puzzling:  The complexities of  life is like a puzzle.  By having the family view their professional and personal life like a puzzle and following simple principles of setting your goals and objectives, your family can solve these life “puzzles” with ease.

Matters of Confidence:  The basic parameters of confidence are not in gaining self confidence, but in gaining confidence in every aspect of your life and career.  This gives your family a way of success that is truly measurable and achievable.

Personalized Services , , ,

We have developed specialize tracts that can assist families and individuals in overcoming some of the toughest parts of family life.  These tracts include classes and one on on coaching where required.   Our specialties include, but are not limited to:

  • Loss Management
  • Re-Entry into Society
  • Addiction Management
  • Career Assistance
  • Business Development
  • Job Loss Assistance
  • Career Development
  • Building Confidence 


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