Experiencing The Peaks Together

Imagine that our lives, the living of them and our means of making a living are mountains we’ve chosen to climb together. Don’t you suppose that every one of us sees them as a different challenge? There are a few of us who know they are easily managed journeys that are going to be a lot of fun and excitement, filled with reward; while others among us wonder how in the world we will ever be able to make it to the top, or even reach satisfying plateaus from which we can enjoy a better, brighter view of life?

How we see the forthcoming experience is dependent upon our personal size and stature. The mountains aren’t going to get any smaller or the inclines ever more flat, but we can grow. Obviously, as we develop our emotional and psychological identities along with our communication and persuasive skills, the mountains will appear and actually be smaller, relatively speaking.

Just know that once we step out and start the climbs, our legs, backs and hearts will grow stronger, just as our lung capacities will expand. And, while that’s happening we can rely on the climbers who precede us, as they call back the guidance and directions we can choose to follow for the easiest possible way. Know too, that pitons have been strategically placed and lines have been tossed back as safeguards against our tumbling all the way back to the bottom should we slip or stumble.

The pitons are the firmly established ideas and concepts that have resulted from over half a century of “Liferatory” research, and have contributed to the success of many thousands of “climbers”. And the lines that will be tossed for you to hold onto and pull yourself upward will be        The Command Group’s DayMaker calls which occur very single day, excluding Sundays, throughout the year.

If you really want to reach the top with us, anywhere near as much as we want you there, why would you ever ignore a piton or refuse a line?

In the beginning, you may not feel the need for the lines that will be tossed toward you, but believe me… They’re time-tested, reliably strong ones that you can and will rely on later.

And so, these are events you don’t want to miss, whether you’re brand new or an old pro’. It’s easier, better and more productive for everyone, if we can follow the same routes.

We’ve conquered a lot of mountains, and assisted many to their crests, and thousands of others to some of those wonderfully elevated plateaus. Now is the time to set your mind on peaks of success, happiness and fulfillment, don your climbing gear and join us.


Experiencing The Peaks Together

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