The Bern Moses Foundation

Bern Moses has always stated that contribution is based on giving to the community, the world and the free market without expectation of anything in return.  By making a contribution and making ourselves a bigger person the laws of Stratisizing will bring us to the top and provide us with rewards far greater in the long run.

The Bern Moses Foundation has been established as a way for Clear Thinking Institute to contribute to our world community with love and understanding. A significant percentage of the fees collected by Clear Thinking Institute will go towards the foundation   The fund will be managed by an independent organization  that will provide aide to the unfortunate, to the people requiring rehabilitation from being un prepared to take on life, and will provide assistance to those making preparation steps in education, college and other ventures.

We ask you to not only join us with our services but to also contribute where possible to specialized efforts that we will specify on this web site, through newsletters and special reports for Clear Thinking Institute.

For more information on the Bern Moses Foundation please contact us at:

The Bern Moses Foundation
2452 Peavine Circle
Lakeland, FL 33810
(863) 248-1106