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We understand the issues of going through the Bereavement Process and can assist you in various ways.  Some of our clients would like a more personalized approach outside of our Verbal Essays.  We offer the following Services:

  • Private Verbal Essays
  • Recapture Your Authority
  • Break Bereavement Bottlenecks
  • Work The Forgiveness Process
  • Personalized Coaching
  • Family Sessions
  • Corporate Sessions


We will do these services with complete discretion, and will maintain the respect required for your loss.

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Verbal Essays  . . .

People who enter into a major loss in their life through a death of a family member or loved one, or even the loss of a spouse, a lover, a job or other major change in their life can live in a fog for years.  The Bereavement process takes place and we get stuck in the process and the bottlenecks keep us from progressing in life.  Clear Thinking Institute directly approaches this with our client using our RePreparation Trilogy:

The RePreparation Trilogy:  People are prepared in life to have a family, a lifelong companion, a career and other components of our life and are not prepared to take on the lacks and losses that happen.  This trilogy addresses a new way to reprepare for the rest of your life.

A Life Formula:  During a major loss in one’s life, people tend to go into survival mode and work and live in fear of all aspects of their life.  Learn how to be conscious of everything in your life and learn to make new contributions to everyone around you and bring new joy to your life.

The Command Commission:  Many people surrender the authority they have in life to another person or a job.  Recapture your authority in life and live a better life.  Key aspects of this verbal essay are working through the forgiveness process and becoming CLEAR in your life.

Breaking The Bottlenecks of Bereavement: Bereavement is a process that many people get stuck in for years.  It is not an unusual process to go through in a loss, but breaking these bottlenecks are important in making a better life after a loss.  We assist our attendees in understanding this process and how to break the bottlenecks that keep us form moving forward.