Affirmations To Command

Normally, typically, when we say, “I”, we’re speaking for the subconscious, subliminal, survivalist mind. From this point on, you are encouraged to be conscious of speaking for the conscious, cognitive mind whenever you use the pronoun. “I”. Also to psychically posture your conscious mind as the authority over the other two facets of your mind, the subconscious and the conscience.

Then, just as frequently, use the term, “We”, and when you do, remain aware that you are speaking for the trichotomous mind-team, which can and will harmonize itself once the conscious honors the conscience and assuages the subconscious.

Read the following affirmations frequently, with feeling and conviction.

It has to aid in the gradual shifting of your perspectives about yourselves and the eventual development of a more powerful, persuasive and potent personality.

  I am, we are, acquiring the tools with which to make life easier, better and more productive.

 I am determined to function efficiently.

We are developing emotional strength and physical stamina, that allows us to prevail.

I want us to do this.  We can do this!

 I know this is a worthwhile thing to do.

When we enhance a life, we enrich our world.

 I am in command. Together, we will build our future.

 We’re getting stronger every day, in every way, since we are focused and concerted as one.

 We are in a growth pattern, and others are noticing.

 We choose to be free, free from worry, frustration and stress.

 We have choices, and I’m making them.

 Our verbal skills are strengthening.

 I choose to become a great prospector, communicator and persuader.

Affirmations To Command

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