The Command Academy was created by a group of like minded people headed by Bern Moses, to preserve and publish the essays and notes of Bern Moses.  Tom and Sue Myers have been able to incorporate the Command Academy as part of the Clear Thinking Institute and have brought the idea forward to today’s audience.

The intent is to provide a forum for the study, promotion, and expansion of the the basic studies. Bern’s materials were developed over a career of 55 plus years of study and practice in the field of professional sales. Like so many other innovators, past and present, Bern is blessed with a sense of intense curiosity as to why people do what they do,…. and why they don’t do what they know they should do to improve their lot in life. He also has a remarkable ability to discern the underlying principles driving human behavior

His field of research and inquiry was professional sales. One of his key findings was that much of what we do is based in biology, not some abstract power or theory. Consequently, his results are applicable across the board to human endeavor. Thousands of sales people have learned and applied his teachings in sales organizations throughout the world.

The value of Bern’s findings has been demonstrated outside the world of sales. Tom Myers has successfully applied the basic principals to the business world with outstanding results. Participants in the “DayMakers Group” report that those around them note with approval small changes that family and friends alike regard favorably as well as career enhancing activities.

Stephen Mills, a long time associate of Bern, has demonstrated the remarkable impact of Bern’s findings on people in the most dire of circumstances, parolee’s with little or no exposure to life enhancing teachings and situations. The gist of their comments is usually—“If I had only known about this before—“

Give yourself a chance to discover ideas and concepts that could possibly enhance your life. If a friend introduced you to the Institute, ask them to be your tour guide. Some of the material may seem familiar to you, some aspects may be new. The words we use can mask or distort our meaning and can be a barrier to understanding and accomplishment. In the essays, Bern points out some language alternatives we can use to improve our communications.

We suggest that you reserve any judgments until you fully understand the material being presented. A glossary is included on the site to eliminate ambiguity and misunderstandings.

Have fun on the site. Join one or more groups and be an active participant. Your thoughts could be the key that unlocks the understanding of others.


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